The Rise of the Thompson Twins

May 23, 2023
The Rise of the Thompson Twins

The Thompson Twins have always accompanied one another in their basketball journeys. But now comes a turning point that will forever alter the trajectory of their careers: the 2023 NBA Draft.

Ausar Thompson is projected to be a Top-10 lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. During his two years at Overtime Elite, Ausar honed his near-the-rim finishing and knack at finding his teammates at the right spots. His greatest asset is his athleticism and 6’7" frame — the two-time OTE Finals MVP doesn’t shy away from contact and has proven to be an adroit finisher over defenders. Plus, he's been in the lab working on his jumper - something that could really take him to the next level.

Ausar finished the 2022-23 season averaging 16.3 PPG on 48% shooting, 6.1 APG and 7.1 RPG. His offensive brilliance won him the 2023 OTE MVP and helped the City Reapers propel past the YNG Dreamers in the finals. How'd the series end? An Ausar three...assisted by Amen (watch here).

Ausar’s foreseeable future could lie in the heart of Florida for the Orlando Magic. Paired alongside reigning Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero, the former City Reaper would provide Orlando with another young, athletic scoring option, who can more importantly make an immediate impact on the defensive end.

As for his twin brother, Amen Thompson is projected to be drafted a couple spots above Ausar, in the 4-6 range. And in the probable case that this happens, the Thompson twins will be the first brothers to both be drafted in the Top-10 in the same draft (The Morris twins nearly did it back in 2011, with Markieff going 13th and Marcus 14th). Last season, Amen finished with impressive averages of 16.4 PPG on 56.6% shooting, 5.9 APG and 5.9 RPG.

Though Amen’s OTE resume is not as decorated as his brother’s, he shares a lot of his best qualities — a big, athletic frame, aptitude at attacking the rim, and a natural talent at finding open teammates. A notable difference is Amen’s success as a primary ball handler, as well as his efficiency from the field: Amen knocked down 56.6% of his field goal attempts in comparison to Ausar’s 48.1%.

A potential landing spot for the City Reaper’s offensive juggernaut is Houston. For the Rockets, Amen will be the perfect complement to the team’s young duo of Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green. Not only would Amen add to the depth of explosive scoring options on the wing, but he could thrive as the team’s primary ball-handler that bolsters the offensive production of the team’s rising stars.

Just a month away from the biggest night for both OTE and the Thompson Twins, it’s still too early to correctly predict where Ausar and Amen Thompson will end up. But we can be certain of one thing: wherever they end up, the Twins will never stop getting better.

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